Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monster Shaker + Tutorial

Monster Shaker

Shake, shake, shake your sillies out with this great Monster Shaker! It is a great way to use up those scraps of fabric (fleece, fuzzy, terry towel, etc) and have fun.

We are giving this monster to a one year old, so we kept the decorations simple so they aren't a choking hazard. For older kids, google eyes and other decorations would be fun!

I created a tutorial which you can download from here. It is super simple craft and doesn't take too much time to complete. And for older kids, they could decorate their own monster shakers.

This is my first tutorial, so if you find an errors or need clarification, please let me know.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fluffy Stuffy Bunny

It's been a year since the Olympics. It is hard to believe! This means some of Shea's friends are having their first birthday parties! Yikes! I am noticing a trend that many of the people are requesting no gifts. The kids seem to have everything they need and so many toys.

That being said, I always feel badly not bringing a little something. So, I decided to use the stuff around my house to make some toys for the kids.

The first idea I had was to make a small stuffie. My first attempt was making sock monkeys, but that didn't pan out. I found them too boring. Then I found this cute little bunny pattern from Jenny over at All Sorts blog. It was so cute and looked simple to make I had to try to make one.


The bunny took me about 2 hours in total to make. Not too bad and I would definitely get faster at making these. Jenny's instructions are great and she had some really good tips. I loved how she used the freezer paper - it definitely made sewing the bunny easy and quick. I did add bells in the ears of the bunny - so they flop a little more (from the weight of the bells). I also made a mess at making the pom-pom because I bought fuzzy yarn rather than regular yarn. The fuzz went everywhere once it was cut. So, I had a pre-made pom-pom that I sewed on the bunny instead.

I am definitely going to be making more of these little bunnies and I plan on making a super hero cape for them. Once I figure out the pattern for the cape, I will post it on here.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ten Months Old - Shea's Monthly Photo

10 Months


This is Shea's ten month picture! I got a new camera and had a great time using it for these photos - definitely worth the money!