Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Binding Troubles

Well, I was back at making more hooded baby towels. Except, I got really frustrated with the binding! It kept puckering... I was using a zig-zag stitch, should have been simple, but it was very finicky and looked bad.

So, I watched a video how quilters sew binding to their beautiful quilts... amazing! Very easy to do and looks so much better! I recommend this video if you ever have to bind something :)

And the finished product... I love the towel so much more now! Now, I have to take apart the blue one and fix it. Luckily all my friends that are having boys aren't due for a little while.

Steven and Chris!!! They're BACKKKK!

For many Canadians, Steven and Chris will always be remembered as the "Designer Guys". I grew up watching them put together fabulous rooms, doing DYI projects, and learning about the latest trends in home decor. I was very upset when they decided to switch direction and did a fashion series (I believe Steven was originally a window dresser).

Well... THEY'RE BACK! And the great this is that you can watch clips of their show at

Their new show has a little bit of everything, but my favourite part is Steven's DYI and the Q&A. I am hoping to send a couple questions to them (what the heck to do above my fireplace)... I hope they do respond!