Monday, September 29, 2008

Sewing Projects - More Bibs and some frusteration

A weekend full of sewing for me! I made a bunch of bibs for more friends that have had babies last week. I am so very glad to hear that all my friends all had very healthy babies and everybody is doing great!

So, check out the bibs... I have to put the snaps on them (doing them now, but it's noisy so I need to take a break). There are a couple that are missing in the photo because I already wrapped them. I am now giving 3 bibs away to the new families. This is because I have had so many compliments on the bibs and I am not sure about the burp clothes.

I also attempted to make our nephew little booties... it didn't go so well. I think it is because I am a visual learner and I can't quite picture exactly what I am suppose to be doing from the instructions (they are all written - no pretty pictures for me). I screamed and yelled at the booties, but they wouldn't cooperate. This is what happened to one of them last night...

I'll take the booties to my mom's house and she can help me sort it out. I think my problem is that I may have put the velcro strips on incorrectly. Maybe. I'm not too sure.

I'm off to Calgary for a short visit. I have some big plans while I am there:
1. Take Anna to gymnastics - Wednesday
2. Meet Matthew - Wednesday
3. Take Madison swimming or to the zoo - Thursday
4. Hang out with Dave (my best friend and Madison's dad) - Thursday night
5. Finish the booties and baby towel for the baby shower - Friday night?? Unless needing to get wasted with friends?
6. Hang out with my cousin Laura - Saturday
7. Go to Tracy's baby shower with Matthew - Saturday - Have to drag Laura along too
8. Hang out with the Fam-damily - Sunday

Fefff... big plans! See you when I get back! Hopefully I will have successful booties pictures!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dirty 30...

You guessed it... it was my birthday and I turned 30 this year. db and I had a good weekend. He was playing baseball in Nanaimo, so we ended up staying at this resort. It was spectacular. Lots of wicked views of the ocean from our suite and best of all they had a pool and hot tubs! One hot tub was outside in a waterfall surrounding... it was awesome. We will definitely be going back there!

I was spoiled rotten and will be getting a new computer! Good bye screaming at our old pc... hello learning how to use a mac!

In other news... more friends had babies... that meant more gifts to make. Okay people... can you please slow down! I can't keep up!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

On the Road Again

Couple things...

1. I won't be posting as much OR sewing as much because I am traveling all over the island again for work. I tried to take my sewing machine with me this week... I got ZERO sewing done. Booo hooo...

2. MY FIELD! MY BEAAAUUTTIFULLL FIELD! It has been torn up by some darn farmer. I hope he grows something cool like pumpkins!

3. Sears Pictures (see sample below)... Check out my friends at our last ball tournament here. We had a great time and will be back at the tournament again next year.

4. Kayaking photos from our 3 day trip... okay... I didn't take many... here it is! My mom paddling away!

Well - I hope you all have a great weekend! We are off to another ball tournament in Union Bay. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The New Nephew...

Anna and Matthew


Look who arrived while auntie and uncle were kayaking! It's our new nephew! He is pretty darn cute! I can't wait to go to Calgary and kiss those cheeks! I started sewing him some little booties from my new Amy Butler book! Can't wait to show everybody!

Born: Monday August 25th, 2008
Weight: 7lbs 9ons
Height: 19.5”