Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun Postcard Notebooks

I feel really bad - I got this idea from someone's blog and I have no idea whose. So, I apologize that I can't send you to the original posting.

Anyways, these little notebooks are super easy to make and here are the simple instructions:

1. Cut the paper you would like inside the notebook. Add about an inch to your desired height for the space where the front cover will block. I used a bunch of paper that I was going to recycle.

2. Staple papers together.

3. Cut postcard for the front cover of the pad.

4. Bend postcard about an inch - this is so you can lift the front cover up, but still have a nice line.

5. Glue the postcard to cover the staples.

Voila! A Booklet!

My sister sews her booklets together - really cool idea too. Except my booklets had lots of paper, so there was no way I could have sewn it.

Mountains of Buttons!

About a year ago, I bought some cute bobby pins for my hair. When they arrived, I realized that the seller had covered some small buttons and slipped them on a bobby pin.


So, the other day, I decided to cover some buttons while watching a movie. I can see how people can make a lot of buttons. It is very simple to do! Check out some of the buttons that I made. My plan is to use them on bobby pins. (Sorry for the not so good picture - it was late at night when I took it). Not bad eh?

Then I was reading a couple blogs - and found some other great ideas about what to do with covered buttons:

1. Tack Board Pins or Magnets - From How About Orange

2. Fancy Flowers - From Lolly Chops

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wall Sticker is Up!

This weekend, I wasn't feeling too well, but db and I managed to get the wall sticker up in the office. It turned out really well! I will take more photos once I get all the furniture back in the room.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wooo Hooo... It's Arrived!

Oh my! I have been waiting all week for a special package to arrive... and today it did! It is the fabric I splurged and purchased after Christmas. I know I promised I wouldn't buy anymore fabric, but I couldn't resist. My plan is to sew my own purse. I was going to buy a pattern, but there are so many wonderful pattern makers out there that post their patterns for free.

The purse that I found to make is from Machen/Machen Blog. It is pretty much exactly when I am looking for. I think I will make a couple minor adjustments. I printed the pattern out on legal sized paper (she used A4 paper) and it all printed fine. She has posted other patterns on her blog also - so check it out!

As for fabric... I am going to make you wait and see! I haven't 100% decided which fabrics I am going to use (I bought quite a bit of fabric...) So, hopefully I get it all completed this weekend... or at least most of it done!

The wall sticker is still not up 100%. The plan is to finish it tomorrow. Hopefully.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Project Update & Fun Etsy Seller

I don't have any fun pictures to share with you of what I have been up to this weekend... mainly because I am not done! I started to put up the wall sticker I bought at Blik. It is taking longer than I thought... I am hoping tomorrow night db and I can finish putting it up.

So, instead of showing some stuff that I have created, I wanted to share Fray's etsy store. I wish I could knit or crochet like this wonderful lady! Her work is so unique and fun! Check it out!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weekend Project - Desk Organizers

This past weekend I was itching to do something creative, but didn't want a huge project. So, I made these fabric covered cans! These are a couple of the cans I saved from Christmas and the fabric is a bunch of scraps sewn together. It was quick simple to do - I think I will write a tutorial on it!

This weekend I am definitely putting up my wall sticker in the office! I have a bit of paint to touch up, but should be no problem. It is also Niko's birthday tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKO! He is going to kill me if he see this post :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Craft - Fabric Bird Christmas Ornaments

Part of my Christmas projects were to sew these little bird ornaments. I got the pattern out of the Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts book by Joelle Hoverson. It took a few attempts and my sister's help to get these little guys finished, but overall I loved them! My sister and I even nicked name some of them because each one was unique. Our favourite was the red and green birdie in the picture below. I will be definitely making more!

We did alter the pattern a little bit - instead of making a fabric loop, we decided to get some silk string and attach after they were sewed. I don't think it takes away from the birds and it took a lot less time!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Craft - terrarium gifts

This year we had a couple people that we wanted to find a nice (and inexpensive) gift. I also wanted a gift that is a nice gift that wouldn't just be thrown away. So when I saw this post, I had to try it!

I couldn't find a small globe like the ones they used in their post, but I did manage to find a nice vase at Michaels for about $2.00. Also at Michaels I got the fast tongue depressers - you can buy them already coloured, but they were more expensive. So, I took my felt marker and coloured mine. And instead of stamping the letters on the tongue depresser, I used stickers (I didn't want to buy stamp stuff).

For plants - I went to a local flower shop and they helped me choose the plants. I got one plant for $3.50 that I was able to split into 3 mini terrariums. I also bought some extra dirt - about $5.00 and I have lots left for future use.

I took this mini terrarium to work and people were trying to steal it for their desks! Since then, I have had a couple people at work make larger versions.

Overall, it took me about 10 minutes to put it all together. I made a couple for myself too! I couldn't resist!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Craft - Fabric Christmas Ornament

I couldn't post any pictures of the crafts that I made this Christmas season in case friends and family saw this blog.

My sister and I created this fabric ball by using instructions from the Whip it blog. It is fairly simple to make and looks very nice once complete. We finished the top a little differently than in the original blog - we used a perl pin (can get these at most fabric or craft stores) for the top and bottom. We dabbed the pin in a little glue and then stuck it in. The pin also held the joint of the fabric pieces and the tie.

I would definitely make this ornament again! This is a great way to use some of those fabric scraps.

I will post more of the fun stuff that I created this week!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, 2008 is now gone and we welcome 2009. This year has been full of lots of fun, friends and many fond memories. I look forward to seeing what 2009 holds for us.

Some great news this past week: Sean & Liz got engaged; Erin & husband had a healthy baby boy; Amber & partner had a healthy baby boy! Congratulations to all!

Now it is time to look back on what I wanted to get done in 2008 and see how I did:
1. Get water heater replaced
2. Buy a new bed
3. Refinish bookshelf -started!
4. Finish unpacking (Yikes!!)
5. Finish Guest Suite (aka - mother-inlaw-suite) - uh oh!
a. hang shelves - didn't get a chance to buy them yet!
b. curtains?? - naw - scratch this off
c. side tables - still deciding
d. shelving???
6. Touch up downstairs bathroom paint - paint is out... not done yet... yikes!
7. Paint bedroom
8. Find wallpaper for office I didn't find wall paper, but I painted a feature wall in the office and am putting up a wall sticker! Pictures to come soon!
9. Go to London to see Steph - planned for March 2009
10. Find somethign for above fireplace - ughhh - I have had no luck finding anything
11. Hange tiles above stove - seriously? Why haven't I done this?
12. Find coffee table decided not to get a coffee table but a small side table. Still haven't found "the one" yet
13. Write more to Jenn - I know, I was horrible this year. This is the year!
14. Get Poster framed and hung Fefff! Got it back on December 19!
15. Take more pictures I did pretty good... now need to get better at posting them!
16. Get hallway painted - Maybe this year?
17. Find flooring for bathrooms and kitchen - Maybe this year?
18. Hang wordpress drawer - Can't do this until the hallway is painted!

So, as you can see, not too bad. Still lots of little things on the to-do list. I will be making a new list for this year soon!

Hope everyone has a fabulous year!