Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Craft - terrarium gifts

This year we had a couple people that we wanted to find a nice (and inexpensive) gift. I also wanted a gift that is a nice gift that wouldn't just be thrown away. So when I saw this post, I had to try it!

I couldn't find a small globe like the ones they used in their post, but I did manage to find a nice vase at Michaels for about $2.00. Also at Michaels I got the fast tongue depressers - you can buy them already coloured, but they were more expensive. So, I took my felt marker and coloured mine. And instead of stamping the letters on the tongue depresser, I used stickers (I didn't want to buy stamp stuff).

For plants - I went to a local flower shop and they helped me choose the plants. I got one plant for $3.50 that I was able to split into 3 mini terrariums. I also bought some extra dirt - about $5.00 and I have lots left for future use.

I took this mini terrarium to work and people were trying to steal it for their desks! Since then, I have had a couple people at work make larger versions.

Overall, it took me about 10 minutes to put it all together. I made a couple for myself too! I couldn't resist!

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