Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, 2008 is now gone and we welcome 2009. This year has been full of lots of fun, friends and many fond memories. I look forward to seeing what 2009 holds for us.

Some great news this past week: Sean & Liz got engaged; Erin & husband had a healthy baby boy; Amber & partner had a healthy baby boy! Congratulations to all!

Now it is time to look back on what I wanted to get done in 2008 and see how I did:
1. Get water heater replaced
2. Buy a new bed
3. Refinish bookshelf -started!
4. Finish unpacking (Yikes!!)
5. Finish Guest Suite (aka - mother-inlaw-suite) - uh oh!
a. hang shelves - didn't get a chance to buy them yet!
b. curtains?? - naw - scratch this off
c. side tables - still deciding
d. shelving???
6. Touch up downstairs bathroom paint - paint is out... not done yet... yikes!
7. Paint bedroom
8. Find wallpaper for office I didn't find wall paper, but I painted a feature wall in the office and am putting up a wall sticker! Pictures to come soon!
9. Go to London to see Steph - planned for March 2009
10. Find somethign for above fireplace - ughhh - I have had no luck finding anything
11. Hange tiles above stove - seriously? Why haven't I done this?
12. Find coffee table decided not to get a coffee table but a small side table. Still haven't found "the one" yet
13. Write more to Jenn - I know, I was horrible this year. This is the year!
14. Get Poster framed and hung Fefff! Got it back on December 19!
15. Take more pictures I did pretty good... now need to get better at posting them!
16. Get hallway painted - Maybe this year?
17. Find flooring for bathrooms and kitchen - Maybe this year?
18. Hang wordpress drawer - Can't do this until the hallway is painted!

So, as you can see, not too bad. Still lots of little things on the to-do list. I will be making a new list for this year soon!

Hope everyone has a fabulous year!

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ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

Start hanging things! You need to add some new things to the list - including the poster, the tiles, the drawer (put it up anyhow, I'll want it back before you hang it at this rate, you can fill the hole when you finally paint the hall), don't forget to hang the pretty white flowers in the bathroom. Just do it!!!