Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun Postcard Notebooks

I feel really bad - I got this idea from someone's blog and I have no idea whose. So, I apologize that I can't send you to the original posting.

Anyways, these little notebooks are super easy to make and here are the simple instructions:

1. Cut the paper you would like inside the notebook. Add about an inch to your desired height for the space where the front cover will block. I used a bunch of paper that I was going to recycle.

2. Staple papers together.

3. Cut postcard for the front cover of the pad.

4. Bend postcard about an inch - this is so you can lift the front cover up, but still have a nice line.

5. Glue the postcard to cover the staples.

Voila! A Booklet!

My sister sews her booklets together - really cool idea too. Except my booklets had lots of paper, so there was no way I could have sewn it.

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