Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wooo Hooo... It's Arrived!

Oh my! I have been waiting all week for a special package to arrive... and today it did! It is the fabric I splurged and purchased after Christmas. I know I promised I wouldn't buy anymore fabric, but I couldn't resist. My plan is to sew my own purse. I was going to buy a pattern, but there are so many wonderful pattern makers out there that post their patterns for free.

The purse that I found to make is from Machen/Machen Blog. It is pretty much exactly when I am looking for. I think I will make a couple minor adjustments. I printed the pattern out on legal sized paper (she used A4 paper) and it all printed fine. She has posted other patterns on her blog also - so check it out!

As for fabric... I am going to make you wait and see! I haven't 100% decided which fabrics I am going to use (I bought quite a bit of fabric...) So, hopefully I get it all completed this weekend... or at least most of it done!

The wall sticker is still not up 100%. The plan is to finish it tomorrow. Hopefully.

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Drea said...

I love that fabric!!!