Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Binding Troubles

Well, I was back at making more hooded baby towels. Except, I got really frustrated with the binding! It kept puckering... I was using a zig-zag stitch, should have been simple, but it was very finicky and looked bad.

So, I watched a video how quilters sew binding to their beautiful quilts... amazing! Very easy to do and looks so much better! I recommend this video if you ever have to bind something :)

And the finished product... I love the towel so much more now! Now, I have to take apart the blue one and fix it. Luckily all my friends that are having boys aren't due for a little while.


It's Our Life said...

Great projects! Thanks for the tip for my potatoe pot, I may just try it as I have a ton o stuff to go off to good will, and I am sure I have a sweater in there to cut up

ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

kick-ass binding a. Love it. The fabric is really cute - kind of retro 70s. Love that. Red looks awesome. I think I would have bound it in a mustardy yellow, but I don't think moms and dads are into mustardy yellow for their little people, so good choice on the red. Are you going to make your own bias binding for the next one, like the lady in the video? I think I hate the premade stuff, you cant adjust how wide you want it, and I prefer a smaller edge. I think if you go to some stores you can buy it all attached but not folded. At least you could in TO, and Mtl...