Friday, September 14, 2007

Hooded Baby Towels

A couple weeks ago, I bought this great fabric with intentions on sewing hooded baby towels to give to my friends that are having babies. Well, when my mom was visiting last weekend, I finished one (with her help of course). It turned out really well! So, if you are my friend and having a baby - you know what you are getting. My plan is to make one this weekend too. I have to get better at sewing... I had to pick out many of the seams before I was satisfied with the quality.

Yes - I did notice that I cut out the animals upside down... When I was in junior high home economics class, I made a great hoodie with a snoopy pattern. When I cut the sleeves, I cut the pattern upside down. You would think I would have learned from this experience... but apparently not. My sister thinks it should be my trademark :)

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