Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Steven and Chris!!! They're BACKKKK!

For many Canadians, Steven and Chris will always be remembered as the "Designer Guys". I grew up watching them put together fabulous rooms, doing DYI projects, and learning about the latest trends in home decor. I was very upset when they decided to switch direction and did a fashion series (I believe Steven was originally a window dresser).

Well... THEY'RE BACK! And the great this is that you can watch clips of their show at

Their new show has a little bit of everything, but my favourite part is Steven's DYI and the Q&A. I am hoping to send a couple questions to them (what the heck to do above my fireplace)... I hope they do respond!

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boystrange said...

To:Steven and Chris

Just thought i'd leave you a few lines , and to ask u 4 a favor.
U don't even know me and here i am asking you for a favor, first of all i just want to say that your show is the best, unique, stylish, and most of all it grabs your attention from start to finish, also can you give a shout out to Tony Longclaws, please please please, thank you!! You guys are so awesome and rule the talk shows!

But! there is one more thing that I wanted to tell you. You guy's did a home show in Winnipeg. When I heard that you guy's were gonna be there, I left work and drove to Winnipeg.
To make a long story short, I got a camera and headed to the convention centre.When I arrived,u wouldn't believe.U guy's were gone.I just missed U's.
So I walked around and looked at all the different stands and what they had to offer.Then out of the blue ,I heard these people that worked there talking and then I asked if they knew the person in charge.They said yes. Then I asked them if they could ask their superviser if she could send my camera to your office,so you could take a picture of yourselves.I told them that I came to Winnipeg,left work to see u guy's.They said they will do the best they could. It's been a couple of weeks,no word. Feeling depressed.
Now here is the favor!
Would it be possible to get a autograph picture of u guy's.This would make my whole year, NO! LIFE............
I wish u the best and I know your show will be on for a very long,long,long time.
From a devoted fan,forever.

Tony Longclaws
AKA:Boy Strange


Chris! U r perfect the way u r.
Steven! wear tighter suits. Jokes!