Monday, March 10, 2008

Binding... Binding... Binding

My binding troubles continued this weekend. I went to the store to buy some of the pre-made bias binding, but after going to 4 different fabric stores, I realized the colour I wanted didn't exist (In Victoria anyways).

So, I had to take a crash course on how to make your own binding. I started with this tutorial how to cut fabric on the bias. I learned that you cannot just make straight strips - unless you are doing straight lines. Here is another tutorial:

It is quite simple and didn't take long at all. I wish I had a rotary cutter though. That would have made the job simpler. I will put one on my Xmas list!

Once I had all my binding strips cut out and sewn.... I remember reading on Sew That's It blog about a tool to make binding or bias tape. The tool demonstrated on this blog made ironing and finishing the binding tape very simple.

And voila... here is the bias binding! I wouldn't do this for every towel, but for very special people, I will definitely do this again!

I also finished another towel. I had some troubles with this one, so I am glad that it is done. Only 2 more to do this week!

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