Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Fun and more painting!

Fefff... boy was I busy this weekend, I don't even know where to start!

Okay, I will start with Easter weekend. I dragged my friend Niko out shopping and in our travels I found a bed! It isn't as great as the Flower bed by BDDW, but it is pretty close. So, I dragged db to the store to check it out and he loved it too! It is the shelter bed by brownstone furniture (picture below - it looks WAYYY better in person).
Once I realized we found our new bed, that meant more painting! Off I went to the Benjamin Moore store to get paint! After the fiasco with the colour choice of the bathroom, I decided to get a sample of the colour I thought for the bedroom. Well, good thing I did because it didn't turn out anything like I thought. It is probably because we have a huge window with a large field right outside. Our neighbours did warn us about how the field affects the colour of items. So, I hummed and hawed and realized that the other spare bedroom needed to be painted in order to move our old bed into it.

Yup, again I was off to the paint store to buy paint. db helped me sand, putty and wash the walls to get ready for painting. Then Saturday I went to baseball practice and then picked up Niko to start the painting. db went to Vancouver to watch the Flames vs. Canucks (Canuck won... boooo).

Niko and I painted 1/2 the room and then it was time to go to the Canada Women's hockey game! It was awesome! I love those girls. They were in Victoria practicing before the World Championships, which are on in China from April 4 - 14. Details can be found on the Hockey Canada website. Niko and I took lots of pictures... I will post once I get them back.

Well... long story short. The painting is done and I had a good weekend. My next plan is to paint our walk-in closet while we are still looking for that perfect paint colour. Hopefully it won't take long!

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