Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Stuff!

I am feeling a little blah today. It must be the gloomy weather. So, I thought I would show off some of the new stuff in my house:

The New Sewing Machine... oohhhhhhhh.... so nice...

The New Bed and Side Tables... oohhhhhh... nice!

One thing I love about the side tables is that db can store his "piles" in the 3 drawers. But when I looked at the picture... uh oh... a pile on the floor. Can you see it? I guess no matter how hard I try, I may not win this battle!

I do want a new duvet cover. The one on the bed is made by my sister about 8 years ago and it is starting to get holes in it :( The duvet cover that I really really love is this one from anthropologie
I want it soooooo bad!

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