Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pimp My Office - Craft Swap

Remember I promised to post some photo's of what I received in the 'Pimp My Office' craft swap? Well, here it is! My partner used some of my Wists to create some neat pieces:

1. Fun Comic Book Tray - Looks like she recycled a box and covered with Batman pictures. It is pretty cool - I probably won't take it to my work office, but leave it at home to put my sewing projects in.

2. A Desk Calendar - I love having a desk calendar to quickly look at dates. My craft partner made this cool desk calendar that can stand up. I love all the pretty paper she used to create this!

3. A pretty cool ring - I am not sure what this ring is made of, but she used wonderful colours and it is really funky

4. A vase which broke in the mail (boo hoo). But I think I can salvage the beads!

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