Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Closet Challenge

My blog friend Mel over at Mel Makes Pretty wrote a post the other day explaining that she wanted to clean out her closets. I agree! My closets are horrid, but I never have the motivation to start cleaning them out.

Then I had an idea...

I challenged Mel to clean one closet a week with me. That got me motivated because then I have to report back how I am doing. Now the tough part was where to start! I decided to work myself from the bottom up and back to front. Lucky for me the downstairs closets are not in too bad of shape.

This is the first closet BEFORE picture... I have already started taking out old shoes and jackets and have encouraged db to do the same. I am hoping to be done on Friday and will report back here with the after photo (my guess is that it won't look too much different in a picture, but I will show it anyways).

Shea has been invited to his friend's first birthday party this coming weekend. For a gift, I decided to make the birthday girl a small tote bag filled with books and colouring books. On the tote bag, I wanted to applique her name to the front. I have never appliqued before and I have been doing a lot of practicing this week! I think I am almost ready to try to put the real tote together and hopefully it goes well so I can show you the finished product. If anybody has any tips, I sure would appreciate them!

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

Hey Babe,
How did you go with your closets. I'm still at it :(
But getting there as the bags off to goodwill continue to pile up.
Shea is gorgeous! Look at those beautiful eyes. I'm sure it's easy to waste time just snuggly up to that little man... not that it is really wasting time though ;)
Hope your well,