Monday, July 9, 2007

Vernon Funtastic Tournament

Back from Vernon! It was a great time. We arrived and set up our campsite and it started to pour rain. Crazy rain! Lucky for us that our friends had a massive vestabule and we were all able to fit inside and hang out until the rain ended. There was 17 of us in total. Luckily the campground managers were nice enough to let everyone stay.

The tournament itself was fun! Our first game we were unable to play because the field was a disaster (see picture). The next morning we played on the same field - it was a little better, but not much. Yeah for playing in the mud!

Monday it was hot, hot, hot. 36 degrees! We won both our games and ended up in 6th place in the top division. Not too shabby!

Defintely will have to go to this tournament again!

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