Monday, July 16, 2007

The Bathroom... will it ever be done??!!

I started renovating my bathroom about a month ago. If something could have gone wrong in the process it did. The first weekend I started, my friend Niko came to help. We washed the walls, filled the holes, taped, painted the ceiling, taped some more. All went pretty well the first day.

Then it came... I put the colour on the wall and started panicking. Oh ya - it was dark. I new I picked a dramatic colour, but thought it would work because there is a window in the bathroom. I was wrong.

I called Niko and burst into tears. Or well - more mike "Oh my goodness - bd is going to kill me." So, off we went to the Home Depot because Benjamin Moore is closed on Sundays. Picked a colour and we were off. Well, Behr paint is horrible. It went on crappy, so in between coats we had to sand it down. Then I spilled the can of paint in the tub. Lucky for me I had a plastic drop cloth in the tub. About 1:30 we were done painting. Never wanted to see a painted brush for a long time.
This past weekend, I went and bought a light fixture because my niece, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law (you know - db's side of the family) are coming for a visit and I still had not purchased a light. I found one right away. It is beautiful. Expensive, but beautiful. Happened that Niko was coming over - so we were going to put it in. Oh ya - not so easy. The hole the electricians punched to put the last light fixture was huge and so we had to patch the hole. So, tonight and tomorrow I have to finish patching the hole and then get the light fixture up. Lucky I had Niko! Thanks Niko!

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Yan and Kim Senechal said...

Love the color Ariane! It turned out fantastic. Now when are you starting on the bedroom? :)