Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!

I was up late last night carving my pumpkins - I really like the way they turned out! For more photos, check out my flickr account. Tonight we will be going with some friends to the Saanichton bombfire and fireworks event. We went last year and it was a great time! Last year, we didn't even get 1 kid - but I will leave candy outside with the pumpkins... you never know... this may be the year!

Hope everyone has a spppppoookkkyyy day!


Anonymous said...

Great work on the pumpkins! Are they both stencils?


KT said...

Wow! I like the way they turned out too. We don't get too many kids at our house either. No sidewalks or street lights and plenty of good streets near by.

(thanks for your nice comment)

Yan and Kim Senechal said...

You are talented! How long did they take?