Thursday, October 11, 2007

October? Yikes!

Wow... I can't believe it is October! Sorry for not posting lately. db and I have been busy! We had a ball tournament last weekend, plus had people over for turkey dinner. I learned how to set our stove to start all by itself since we were playing ball. When we got home, our appartment smelled like turkey! Yummm...

This weekend db is going to Seattle to see an NFL game (SeaHawks vs. Saints - I think). So, we all know what that means! Yup! I am painting! This is my to do list this weekend:

1. Thursday night - clean up spare room so office furniture can fit in it
2. Friday night - clean out office and wash walls
3. Friday night?? - tape the walls
4. Saturday morning - paint first coat
5. Saturday @ 11:00am - hair appointment
6. Saturday early evening - paint second coat
7. Satuday evening - remove tape and stuff - if don't need another coat of paint
8. Sunday - move stuff back in!

Wish me luck!

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