Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Wristlet & Tutorial

I have finished my new purse (pictures coming soon!) and decided I wanted a small bag to hold my makeup and other items. So after a quick search, I found a great tutorial made by Javajem. This tutorial was easy to follow and had great pictures that make a quick project.

One thing I did wrong is that I bought a zipper that was too long and I cut it off. When I unzipped it, I unzipped the zipper head right off the zipper! I went on youtube and found a way to get the zipper head back on. Thank goodness! I didn't want to pick out the zipper!

I am going to make a couple more of these in different sizes and with different fabrics. I think one to hold my books and pens would be great!

Worthy Note: There is another great tutorial available here by henriettas handbags. I will make this one another time - looks also very easy to make.

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Javajem said...

Awesome job!!! I love the fabrics you chose.

One thing I usually do when I have a too long zipper - is I wait until after the whole bag is done and then cut the excess off. That way the zipper end is sewn down securely and won't come off.

Great job!