Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gearing Up For New Years...

Going back to work after the holidays isn't that much fun... I am sitting at my desk today thinking about all the work that I should be doing, but just don't have the heart to dig into it quite yet. We arrived back in Victoria late last night - our flight was a couple hours late, but nothing out of the ordinary for the holiday season.

Calgary was great! We spent most of our time visiting friends and family and of course eating way too much! db got a video camera from my parents to record the baby... yup, you heard right... new baby! I have been hesitant to announce that db and I will be expecting our first child in March (I guess I wanted to make sure everything was okay). There is still lots of things to do before the little person arrives, but we are taking it day-by-day.

Plans to decorate the baby's room are fully underway with the help of my talented sister and I will be posting photo's on here as it progresses. Anybody want to come help me clean up the room?? Hahahaaa... Also, anybody know a good painter in the Victoria area?

I am on the search for a great rocking chair - so far, I haven't found the perfect one, but I haven't given up hope! I really love this chair, but not being able to test it out is a big red flag for me... but I may just bite the bullet and buy it anyways!

In other news, the Olympics are coming up fast! My sister and I have a bunch of tickets and are getting very excited to be able to go. Looks like we are going to be staying with some of her friends that have offered us a bedroom in their close-to-downtown apartment in Vancouver. I will be 8 month pregnant, so sleeping in a bed was sort of a requirement. We are super lucky to have such great friends to put us up!

Well, I think that is all the news from my little family! Wishing you all the very best for 2010!
<3 Ariane, db and new little person

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It's Our Life said...

That is great news, congrats on the new bub.