Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life as a Mom

Well, it has almost been a month since the little man was born. I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly! We have been pretty busy with visitors and trying to get a grip on the whole parenting thing. Lucky for us, Shea is a great guy and allows us to sleep.

We received many gifts from lovely friends and family and we wanted to do something special to thank them. Originally, I wanted to create personalized thank you cards like these ones featured on Ohdeedoh, but when I attempted to create a nice card - it didn't turn out as nice as the ones featured. Instead, I kept with the same idea and included a picture of Shea with a thank you card with the items the person gave us. This way they have a picture of Shea. I was going to put all the clothes on him and then take pictures, but that was way too cruel - I would still be dressing him up and taking photos! Check out this cute picture of Shea with items from a good friend... I do like him so much :)

Things that I have come to realize - I will not get more than one thing crossed off my weekly to do list in a day. Including towels that I haven't completed for friends and a travel change pad that I need for my own diaper bag. I was thinking of creating something similar to the one below which is from Sew Fun. Except I don't think the pattern is worth spending $12 USD, so I will create my own and make some modifications, like adding a few pockets for change and a cell phone.

This week it is db's birthday and I am struggling to find him the perfect gift. I have run out of ideas! Anybody have a good idea for me? HELP!

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