Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monthly Photo of Shea

Nicole from Making it Lovely had a great idea to take a monthly photo of her daughter Eleanor sitting in her Eames rocking chair and donning a felt pin.

I decided to do a similar idea - minus the Eames rocker and the felt pin. Instead, I decided to make a onesie for each month. I was given a bunch of plain used onesies - so I thought it would be a great to applique them with the month. Now you just have to wait until after Thursday (Shea's official one month birthday) to see what he looks like in it!

Here is the number template that I used to create the applique. To apply the applique to the onesie - I just followed the instructions on the package of fusible webbing that I bought. There are a bunch of tutorials out on the interweb that are all equally good that describes how to applique.

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