Friday, August 3, 2007

The Red Cowboy Boots

My two nieces, Madison (2 years old) and Anna (16 months) are so very special to me (well, Madison is really not my biological niece, but whatever). Yesterday I was in Zellers and saw a bunch of kids clothes on sale. When I was talking to Dave the other day he said that Madison needed some clothes. So, I thought I would stop and check out the deals.

Man, Zellers has great kids clothes. I couldn't help myself! So, then I thought... hmmmm... I wonder what Sears and Walmart is like. Off I went, on my mission to find Madison some great shorts (and for a deal). Now Sears needs to get their act in gear. I mean, they have a nice selection, but it is VERY similar to Zellers except with higher price tags. Walmart has nice clothes, but you have to dig through all the Disney and Dora crap to get to it. I mean, I like Dora and Disney, but cool kids DO NOT wear it. Errr... at least in my mind. And Walmart's boy section is WAY better than the girls.

My shopping adventures didn't stop there! No way! I was on a role! I had seen this adorable outfit (the brown dress one) online at the Gap. So, I saunter over to the Gap to check it out. I think I had a heart attack. Seriously. The dress was like $50, the leggings - $12.50, the sweater - $45. I mean, I really love my nieces, but they would wear the outfit maybe once and then it goes into the bin. I am sure I can find other cute dresses around (stupid Gap - I hate the Gap). The leggings were an okay price, but I didn't buy them until I find the dress. Plus, I can't see Dave putting that outfit on Madison. Am I wrong Dave??

For those of you that know me well - I know I hate shopping - but I loved shopping for kids clothes. It was like it was my mission to find 'cool' clothes (all for a reasonable cost of course). Then it reminded me of my sister's favourite outfit when she was a little kid - red cowboy boots and the navy swim suit. I am sure my mom bought us cool clothes - but in all our pictures we defintely don't look very cool (unless we had to go to the stupid studio to get family photo's taken... seriously, I hated that. I wonder if I will make my kids to that, but I digress) and it didn't harm us in any manner. Plus, I have the coolest sister who got accepted to fashion school. I should seriously find a picture of her in her red cowboy boots and navy swimsuit and make t-shirts. You wouldn't kill me, right Steph? But until I find that picture, here is a picture of my preschool class - can anybody find me?


It's Our Life said...

Are you going to tell us which one is you? Also loved your shopping adventures, I LOVE buying clothes for Ruby, although Daniels Mum is an awesome clothes designer for the little ones, Ruby is one stylish 13 month old

.::. ariane phillips .::. said...

It's not obvious? I tested db this weekend and it took him about 5 minutes to get it. I am the girl in the dark blue dress.