Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My To-Do List for Today

I have been slacking! I have all this stuff to do around the house and haven't done any of it. So, I figured I would motivate myself and post a "To-Do" list to ensure I at least get one thing done to show.

Okay! Here it goes!

1. Paint patched hole in downstairs bathroom.
2. Re-caulk the bathroom upstairs.
3. Hang picture frames in hallway.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get at least one of these to-do items marked off!

On a scary note, db is at the hospital right now getting a CAT scan. He has been having a hard time with his back and the doctor was nervous about the numbness he has been feeling. Hopefully everything goes well today. He won't know the results until his next appointment, which is next Wednesday. Maybe he will be all better by then??!!

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Yan and Kim Senechal said...

Sounds like he needs a good physio! I can give you a few names in Vic if you mentor lives there and he's AWESOME. Best of luck!