Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back, but Re-Grouping

I know I have been back for over a week and haven't posted anything. I apologize! When I got back from my London trip, I managed to get a cold and it took me a week to recover! Then I had to do some major crafting for a craft swap that I am participating in (pictures to come!).

I managed to get all the crafts complete and in the mail today! Now it is time to organize all the photos from my trip! It is going to be quite the task because I have over 200 photos! Yikes! The good pictures will be posted on my flickr page!

I loved the London Eye, Wicked (the show), British Museum, Steph's school stuff, and so much more of London! Thanks again Steph for being our wonderful tour guide!

I am off to Seattle tomorrow night - but I am going to try to post a link for a new tutorial before I leave!

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