Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend in Seattle

db and I went to Seattle this past weekend to visit our friend JP and to go to a couple of Mariner baseball games. The Mariners were playing the Detroit Tigers and both the games we saw were really good games! I only took a few good pictures and they are of two of the Seattle players - Ken Griffey and Ichiro.

JP had all this lovely pottery hanging around his house that I was admiring and he let me pick something to take home with me. I picked this pretty vase! I love the colours of it and the size. Now all I need is flowers in it! I think tomorrow I will stop by the flower store!

I also stopped in at Joann's (it's a craft store in the US) and was I in shock! There fabric section is bigger that all the fabric stores in Victoria put together! They had fat quarters on sale for $0.99! I got a couple fat quarters and some pillow forms. I was too overwhelmed that I couldn't think of what I needed. Next time when I am in Seattle, I will be definitely stopping by there to pick up some more fabric and search through the whole store. Sigh... I wish we had better fabric stores in Victoria... even an Ikea would be nice!

Only a couple more days before my nieces and nephew arrive! I can't wait! I have been busy cleaning up my sewing room - I don't want any little feet to get a pin in them! So, I don't think I will be crafting anything for a little while.

I'll be back tomorrow though with a link to a tutorial that I think will be my next project.

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