Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1 of Sew Kids Clothes Challenge = DISASTER!

I am laughing about this now because I have fixed all my blunders :)

I was so pumped to start this challenge. I started drawing out the bib pattern on some tissue paper with my dark blue sharpie and when I picked up the tissue paper I realized that the sharpie leaked through the tissue paper right onto my desk. Whoa - of course it would right?

Panic struck. I started to sweat. I ran for the bathroom and grabbed some soap and a cloth. It didn't help. Panic stuck again. I googled "how to get sharpie off of wood" and voila millions of tips at my finger tips. So, I tried the first tip which was to use toothpaste with a baby wipe. Lucky for me I had both of those items on hand. And guess what?? IT WORKED! No more sharpie on the desk and the finish isn't ruined. It looks like nothing EVER happened. I <3 google. I don't know what would I have done without it.

Anyways, I decided that was enough for day 1. Hopefully day 2 will go better today!

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