Monday, March 2, 2009

Fabric Swap and New Project

I signed up for a fabric swap a couple weeks ago, this is the fabric that I sent out... it was really hard to send out because I liked them all so much!

I received all my fabric pieces this past week, this is what I received back - not too shabby!

I have been super busy making hooded baby towels - I will post some pictures later this week. I also started making the "Downtown Clutch" (pattern by Amy Butler), but realized that I didn't order enough of the special interfacing online. So, I will have to wait a couple weeks before I can even start making it.

I have also started another pleated purse, so hopefully I will finish that this week too.

In the meantime, U-Handblog has a great give away - so stop by and check it out. She is asking people to post their favourite links and books - so it is fun to go through people's favourite links too.

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