Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday - Hooded Baby Towel

This towel was made my me and does not follow the exact instructions of the tutorial. Please see my notes.

I was going to make my own tutorial on how I create a hooded baby towel, but why re-invent the wheel? Break It Down Design already completed a tutorial!

Click here for the Hooded Baby Towel Tutorial

Couple of notes:
  • Materials: I don't buy terry towel from the fabric store - it is way to expensive! I just go to Zellers or Walmart and find a good quality inexpensive towel. My preference is the Home Style (costs $7.00 at Zellers).

  • Cutting out the Fabric: I cut the towel into a square - 31" x 31" - or however wide my towel is and I don't fold it over (terry towel in the fabric store is very thin - that is why she folds it over).

  • Cutting out the Fabric: I round all the corners of my towel - I just cut the corners off. This makes the binding easier to sew on (yah for no mitered corners!

  • Applying Seam Binding to the Sides of Towel: I don't finish my binding by sewing it to the back of the towel (she tops stitches on the front) - yah - I am crazy and I hand sew it. Alternatively, you could use a zig zag stitch to attach the binding.

  • If you are not liking this tutorial that I posted - let me know by leaving a comment and I can create an alternative. If you have any questions - leave a comment - I am always happy to help!

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