Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tree Wristlet

I have major sewing to do, so last night I completed this wristlet. I bought the fabric a long time ago, but had a hard time figure out what exactly to do with it. I loved the trees some much that I didn't want to cut into it. Finally I figured out what to do with it! I am pretty happy with this one. I made this one quite a bit larger than my other wristlet. It is approximately 12" in length and 7" high.

This one I used lining fabric (you know the stuff you line suits with and stuff). I am not sure if I liked using it. The ends frayed and got black fluff everywhere. I have a meter of the stuff, so eventually I will use it all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey =)
I just stumbled over your blog, following the links from javajem's wristlet tutorial (I finished my first one today =) ). I really like the wristlets you made, and generally all the stuff you made! ;-)
I found a lot of similarities to my projects and stuff that I have on my "sewing shortlist" and want to get started on soon.
So, keep up the great work!