Friday, May 8, 2009


I run to the mail box everyday (I am waiting for a package of fabric to arrive) and today it was full of surprises! My sister made me a purse pattern! It is inspired by a purse that I saw on craftster. She also sent a card that I believe she hand made... and of course it is in my favourite colour right now - orange! Thanks sister! I did tell you not to waste your precision time on it though.l.. but you don't listen.

The other surprise I got was some books that I 'mooched' off of people from Book Mooch. If you don't know what 'Book Mooch' is - go check it out - it is great! I have now received 4 books from it and have sent some of the books I no longer want kicking around my computer/sewing room.

I am hoping to post some pictures of the sewing that I am doing this weekend, but db is playing in a baseball tournament - so I am not sure how much sewing I will actually get done.

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ABraveTonedTimidGirl said...

Of course I made the card silly - couldn't you tell by the haphazard spot of glue on the front. People shouldn't let me use glue. And my time is no longer so precious. I made the pattern while waiting for my flatmate to get ready for our trip to Bristol last weekend. It took him a couple of hours past our scheduled departure time. So a patternmaking I did go, and then to Bristol.