Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tutorial - Boxed Corner Bag

For the Book Lovers craft swap that I participated in, I made a reversible box bag. I started with using the instructions from Mamas Pocket Book Blog, but creating my own pattern. My pattern measured 18" (length) x 12" (height) with the small squares 2" x 2". I also used super duper heavy interfacing on BOTH the lining and the front of the bag. I really wanted this bag to keep it's shape. When I got to sewing the corners of this bag - I was confused by the instructions, so I found new instructions for the corners on Lazy Girl's Design Blog.

With these two tutorials, I created exactly the bag I wanted! I am currently creating a new bag using these two tutorials + one other... I will post links & pictures soon!

In other news, db and I are off to Calgary for the next wedding. This will be the second out of five we will be attending this year. db is not really wanting to go; he would rather stay and play baseball, but it is his dad that is getting married so he has no choice :)

I will be back from Calgary next Tuesday with a fun tutorial! Have a great long weekend everybody!

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