Saturday, May 2, 2009

Twirl Skirt for Anna

On Tuesday, I posted that I wanted to make a twirl skirt for Anna using this tutorial created by House on Hill Road. Well, it's done! Well, almost done - I still need to fit the elastic around Anna's waist so it fits properly.

The tutorial was easy to follow. I am still a little unsure if the skirt will fit Anna - she is extremely small waisted and following the recommended sizing, it may bunch at the waist a little too much. Next time I make this skirt, I would ensure that the width of the fabric doesn't double the waist size. Anna's waist was 20" around, and the recommended sizing suggested I make the skirt 40" and it just may be too much fabric. But I won't know until she tries it on!

Here is my do to list for the rest of the week:
1. Skirt for Anna - Completed!
2. Towel for Michele - Completed!
3. Bag for Kat - need to buy some more materials
4. Bag for MLF - going to start cutting it out tonight
5. Towel for Johnny - need to buy some more materials
6. Towel for Angela - need to buy some bias binding material

Feff... lots of people are having little ones right now, as you can probably tell by my list. I am working hard to keep up with all the deliveries!

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