Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Baby's Room - Designer Perspective

So... Ariane has been talking about the Baby's room here for a little while, ane we've been hard at work on it since she told me I'm going to be an Auntie! Going to the Olympics and becoming an Auntie in one year - what can I say 2010 is going to be awesome all round even if only those two things happen.

We started looking initially at all the kids rooms on several sites for inspiration mostly Ohdeeoh - which is the kid's version of Apartment Therapy. We perused, and decided that kelly green was the way to go - so I put together a mood board based on the green and the overall the modernist vibe Ariane and I thought would be great for the room.

The theme is titled - lions, and tigers and bears... and I took the idea for shapes and general theme for the room from the photo in the top lefthand corner of the moodboard, Francois Pompon's "Polar Bear" which is at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris. I then compiled a list of animals and did some silhouette illustrations of the animals to be stenciled on the walls in white chalkboard paint - it is a kids room afterall -and Ariane and I LOVED drawing on the walls when we were little, so why not build that into the room - I can hear people already thinking it is a reciped for disaster, and it is a bit, but no more than having a two year old with crayons is normally.

This is what at least one wall should look like when we are done. There will also be a lion and a giraffe and possibly a monkey.

We're onto the fun part now - buying all of the furniture, and we'll get that done within the next couple of weeks so it arrives when I'm visiting, and I'll paint the animals on the walls, and put together all of the furniture, and make it ready for my neicey/nephew (who I truly can't wait to meet)
<3 Stephanie

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