Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend was all about resting and getting organized. On Saturday, I sewed for the first time since... I don't know how long it has been! But it felt good and I completed 2 hooded bath towels. Sorry for the crappy pictures, but I wanted to prove that I actually sewed them. Thanks to Mel for giving me a little nudge to get going! I have approximately 6 friends that are pregnant and I want to make sure I have all their gifts sewn before our little person comes along. 2 down, only 4 more to go!

I also found this cute Handmade For You tags by Amy Cluck aka Peptogirl.

Now that the baby room is all painted and the dresser was setup, it was time to move onto the office. db woke up early on Sunday and started putting the bookcase we bought from Ikea. It didn't take long before it was all done and ready to go into the office. One small problem, the office wasn't ready for the bookcase. Adding a bookcase to our already small office space required some shuffling around furniture, including my dear sewing machine. Luckily we found a home for all the furniture and it looks not too bad - cramped - but not too bad.

I really wanted to organize our books like this:

Image from Apartment Therapy

or like this:

Image from High Fashion Home Blog

But db wouldn't let me because he thought it would be too difficult to find an actual book he was looking for (boo-hoo), so currently the books and bookcase looks like this:

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

I adore your fabric choice for the bath towels. Great job! I'm glad you got some sewing done. You have inspired me to get back into it now :)
I really like the way books are sorted out on those bookshelves but I know that it would make me a little mental too.