Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back on Track - Baby Room

This week is going much, much smoother than last week. The painter called on Monday and he was ready to go! He started painting on Tuesday and today there is 2 coats of paint completed in the baby's room. If only I could find the cord for my camera! I have pictures! It is quite greeeeeeeeeen, but my sister assures me that there will also be lots of white. DB is calling it the "Insane Asylum" right now (YIKES!)

The hallway is also getting painted! Horray for no more pink! It looks great and there is only one coat of paint!

Now to find that camera cord... where could I have put it? I must have put it "away" with all the organizing I did. This happens to me often, I organize things so well that I can't find anything. I am sure it will turn up soon!

Other news, db and I went for another ultrasound on Tuesday. Baby is looking good! All this time I thought he was kicking me, well it turns out he is kneeing me! Wow! Could he have db's tall genes? I guess we will find out in 8 weeks. Oh ya - I don't know if it is a boy, I just use the "he" because I am lazy and don't want to write/say "he/she" all the time. It truly means nothing. I have no idea what this kid is and I don't have a preference.

My sewing machine is calling me... yet, I still have no desire to sew. Hmm... when will I get my craftiness back?

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